9 Most Demanded Innovative Technologies


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Scientists are constantly trying to solve problems with the help of these technologies. Let’s take a closer look at why these technologies are highly demanded and highly impactful in human life.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also known as “AI” and a computer system that works just like human brain. Artificial Intelligence can learn anything and comes out with the best possible solution of big problems within short time period. Nowadays, you can also buy .ai domains online that refers to Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks such as speech and patterns, recognizing images, and also decision making. AI can do these tasks faster than humans and that’s a reason of AI popularity.

According to Gallup survey, nearly 9 in 10 Americans (85%) are already using devices, programs, services that are directly process with AI.

AI can perform critical tasks within seconds but they lead to unemployability. According to Forbes, Automation Could Eliminate 73 Million U.S. Jobs By 2030. So, we need to be prepared in future.

Data Science

Data Science

According to Wikipedia, the definition of Data Science is “is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured and unstructured data, and apply knowledge from data across a broad range of application domains.

Data Science is widely use for decision-making and most used for Banking, Finance, Transport, Manufacturing, Commerce, and Healthcare sector. As such, it incorporates skills from computer science, statistics, information science, mathematics, data visualization, information visualization, data sonification, data integration, graphic design, complex systems, communication and business.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11.5M jobs available by 2026.



Cybersecurity is also known as Computer Security, experts of this field are highly concern with Data Privacy, Hacking, Disclose Sensitive Information, and damage of physical hardware.

Major types of cybersecurity threats are Malware, Phishing, Spear Phishing, Man in the Middle Attack, SQL Injection, Denial of Service Attack, Zero-Day Exploit, DNS Attack, Advanced Persistent Threats, Ransomware. All of the above-mentioned threats are public but some are unnamed and cybersecurity risks always exist in this world.

So, Cybersecurity budget is also increasing and crucial for this world. There are a lot of institute offering cybersecurity courses and certifications.

Hacking Statistics
In May of 2021, A cybersecurity analytics firm “Cognyte” experienced a database breach of 5 billion records.
LinkedIn data breach exposed 700 million records in June-August 2021.
One of the popular social media platform Facebook also experienced a breach of more than 533 million accounts, which it uncovered in March 2021.
Bykea, the Pakistani ride-hailing app, experienced a breach of 400 million records in November.
Brazilian Ministry of Health faced a loss of 223 million records in January 2021.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

“ML” is the abbreviation of Machine Learning and subdivision of Artificial Intelligence. According to UC Berkeley, Machine Learning is divided into three main elements: A Decision Process, An Error Function, A Model Optimization Process.
Machine learning algorithms are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in medicine, email filtering, stock trading, fraud detection, speech recognition, and computer vision.
Furthermore, Machine Learning jobs are well-paying with the median salary for someone knowing machine learning being $106,225. ML creates a lot of jobs in future.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is full with interesting and amazing features and contains on physical objects that connected with sensors and many other technologies. The key elements of IoT are Thing or Device, Gateway, Cloud, Analytics, User Interface.
Some daily life example of IoT are trackers, IoT healthcare applications, voice assistants (Siri and Alexa), Smart Appliances (iRobot). IoT is widely used in manufacturing, transportation and utility organizations.
IoT is also creating job opportunities in the market. You can earn handsome amount if you know the skill of IoT.

Big Data

Big Data

Big Data refers datasets that are large or complex to be dealt. Big Data analysis challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating, information privacy, and data source. Big data are widely used in banking and securities, communications, media and entertainment, healthcare, education, manufacturing, natural resources, government, insurance, retail and wholesale trade.
Big Data can create thousands of jobs in the market.



Robotic is an intelligent machine that assists humans in a variety of ways by incorporating concepts, designs, manufacturing, and operation.

According to Wikipedia, Robots are widely used in mass production of consumer, packaging, transport, surgery, weaponry, laboratory, research.
Pros and Cons of Robotics are cost effectiveness, improved quality assurance, increased productivity and cons by using of Robotics are potential job losses, initial investment costs, etc.
Robotics take over huge market of U.S. and expected job loss is over 60 Million.



A blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are securely linked together using cryptography. An uncertain technology with enormous popularity. There are 4 types of blockchain such as public blockchain, private blockchain, hybrid blockchain, sidechains.

With the growing demand in the market, the usage of blockchains are cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, financial services, games, supply chains, domain names, and others.

Cons of Blockchain are security concerns, high costs, not a distributed computer system, Scalability is an issue, Data is immutable, legacy system.
Despite the publicized nature of everything, blockchain will be used to track and move $2 trillion worth of goods by 2023. So, take a step at your own risk.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is imagination world that can similar to the real world or completely different. In projector-based virtual reality (VR), modeling of the real environment plays a vital role in various virtual reality applications, such as construction modeling, robot navigation and airplane simulation. Image-based virtual reality systems have been gaining popularity in computer graphics and other communities.

According to Grand View Research, the global VR market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.0% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 87.00 billion by 2030.


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