Groopit Raises $3.5M in Seed Funding: Redefining Business Problem-Solving


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Introduction of Groopit

Groopit a cutting-edge enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, has successfully raised $3.5 million in Seed funding. Led by WestRiver Group and supported by Cercano Management, this funding round marks a significant milestone for the startup founded by former Microsoft executives. Groopit introduces a groundbreaking enterprise solution called #crowdsolving, a new category of SaaS that revolutionizes how companies gather data from employees to solve complex problems.

Groopit Integration with Popular Platforms

Groopit’s platform simplifies the process of sourcing insights from employees and leveraging that data to tackle intricate challenges. The recent funding will be utilized to drive further innovation in product development and expand their customer base across enterprises.

Currently integrated with popular platforms such as Slack, Teams, Salesforce, iOS, and Android, Groopit enables companies like The Home Depot, Guidant Financial, and Stuckey’s to enhance revenue growth, elevate customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge through quantitative insights derived from their employees.

Guidant Financial’s Experience with Groopit

Guidant Financial, renowned for serving over 25,000 small businesses, is deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. However, the traditional methods they employed to identify areas for improvement, such as surveys, spreadsheets, and Salesforce notes, proved to be slow, labor-intensive, and imprecise.

Improving Customer Experiences through Real-Time Insights

Fortunately, their discovery of Groopit transformed their approach. Now, whenever a customer expresses confusion or frustration, the employee can swiftly capture the reason, frustration level, and time cost with just a few taps. Groopit then provides a precise, real-time view of how the customer experience can be enhanced.

Guidant seamlessly integrates this data into their daily operations, empowering teams responsible for SCRUM, training, and policy-making with immediate insights for continuous customer experience improvements.

Empowering Business Leaders

Jeremy Ames, President and Co-founder of Guidant Financial, expressed the game-changing impact of high-quality customer insights, stating, “Groopit helps our employees capture the voice of the customer after every interaction and gives our leadership team the agility to inform any decision with insights from our employees.”

Business leaders face the challenge of acquiring data from frontline employees to make informed decisions and solve complex problems. However, traditional data sharing methods are often time-consuming and inefficient.

Groopit streamlines data sharing into a single workflow, enabling frontline employees to share data effortlessly in just three taps.

Moreover, Groopit seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Salesforce, allowing leaders to gain real-time insights into the activities of their extended teams.

Groopit Streamlining Data Sharing and Collaboration

Anthony Bontrager, Managing Director at WestRiver Group, emphasized the importance of real-time collaboration and data sharing, stating, “Nobody has a monopoly on knowledge. The ability to share data and collaborate in real-time is a critical competitive advantage for leaders.

Groopit leverages the wisdom of the crowd to capture and deliver actionable insights, empowering everyone to make better, faster, and more customer-centric decisions. With its unique approach to crowdsolving, Groopit is well-positioned to disrupt the $30 billion Collaboration Software market.”

Groopit Co-founders’ Background and Vision

Tammy Savage, CEO and Co-founder of Groopit, highlighted the positive impact of Groopit on innovative leaders who seek insights from their employees to gain a competitive advantage, improve customer experiences, accelerate revenue growth, and address strategic initiatives. Savage stated,

“Solving complex problems is possible with the radical simplicity of Groopit. Our solution sets us apart, replacing the chaos of ad-hoc data collection with the power of crowdsolving.”

Established in 2018 by Tammy Savage and John Vert, both former Microsoft executives, Groopit emerged from Savage’s determination to understand the needs of leaders in driving business results, particularly when leading large, distributed, and cross-functional teams.


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