Bard AI Vs ChatGPT: Language Models for Creative Writing and Conversational AI


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EleutherAI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing open-source, widely usable AI models, recently created the language model Bard AI. The term “Bard,” which derives from the traditional term for a poet or storyteller, aims to capture the essence of human storytelling and creativity.

The GPT-2 architecture, which was created by OpenAI in the beginning, serves as the foundation for Bard AI. One of the most potent language models currently in use, GPT-2 is able to produce text that closely resembles human speech with a high level of coherence and fluency.

Google Bard AI builds on this foundation by incorporating extra training data and fine-tuning methods that are particularly made to enhance its capacity for producing imaginative and creative language.

The ability of Bard AI to produce coherent and captivating narratives that are motivated by a particular theme or concept is one of its key characteristics.

For instance, if instructed to “write a story about a group of explorers on a quest to find a magical artifact,” Bard AI might produce a thorough and engrossing tale that follows the group’s adventures as they run into various difficulties and challenges along the way.

The ability of Bard AI to produce poetry and other creative writing is another noteworthy feature. This is partly attributable to the model’s training on a variety of literary works and other sources of creative writing, which aids in its development of a deeper understanding of linguistic nuances and the components of effective storytelling.

Can Bard AI Compete with ChatGPT?

One of the most sophisticated chatbot models currently in use, ChatGPT can converse in natural language with people about a variety of subjects. It can produce responses that are frequently difficult to distinguish from those of a human interlocutor because it has been trained on an enormous amount of data.

Although the underlying architecture and training methods of Bard AI and ChatGPT are somewhat similar, their ultimate goals are different. Bard AI is committed to producing imaginative and creative language that is intended to tell tales, compose poetry, and otherwise stimulate the human imagination. Contrarily, ChatGPT is made to converse in natural language and respond to questions or prompts with information that is either helpful or informative.

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It’s difficult to determine whether Bard AI or ChatGPT has more sophisticated language generation capabilities. Both models can produce extremely coherent and interesting language, but each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. Bard AI is better suited for creative writing and storytelling, while ChatGPT is better suited for in-person conversations. Nevertheless, the specific applications and use cases for each model are likely to vary. OpenAI also introduces plugins support for ChatGPT.


A powerful new tool for creative writing and storytelling, Bard AI is an innovative new development in the field of natural language generation. It may not directly compare in terms of capabilities to ChatGPT or other chatbot models, but it represents a significant advancement in our capacity to use AI to produce human-like language that is interesting, imaginative, and thought-provoking. The potential uses for Bard AI are numerous and diverse, and it will undoubtedly be a crucial tool for authors, poets, and storytellers for years to come. Like any AI model, there are still some restrictions and issues that need to be resolved.


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