How to Prevent Your Thoughts From Being Read by Mind-Reading Technology?


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Last updated on September 24th, 2023 at 08:20 pm

Mind-reading technology has been in development for some time now, with the first attempts being made over 30 years ago. While we may not yet have the ability to precisely read people’s thoughts and feelings, scientists have found that it’s possible to gain insights into what someone is thinking or feeling by observing their body language, facial expressions, and even how they move their eyes.

With the advent of inexpensive wearable devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches, mind-reading technology could soon become commonplace in our everyday lives, with your smartphone potentially being able to read your thoughts and emotions without you ever realizing it.

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You may have heard about mind-reading technology recently and are wondering how to prevent your thoughts from being read by it. Perhaps you’re worried about the privacy implications, or are nervous that government agencies will start using this to their advantage in law enforcement efforts. In either case, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from thought reading technology and how to block it from invading your mind. Here’s how to keep your thoughts private.

Wear Copper Bracelets

One way to prevent your thoughts from being read by mind-reading technology is to wear copper bracelets. Copper has been shown to block electromagnetic fields, which may interfere with the technology’s ability to pick up on brainwaves.

Keep Your Smartphone Far Away

If you’re concerned about someone reading your thoughts through a device, it’s important to keep your smartphone as far away from you as possible.

Don’t Look Into an Electromagnetic Field Directly

According to a new study, if you want to keep your thoughts private from electromagnetic field (EMF) mind reading technology, don’t look into the field directly. The study found that when people looked directly at an EMF source, their brain activity became more predictable, making it easier for algorithms to decode their thoughts.

Wearing a Tin Foil Hat Can Also Help

Yes, really. Wearing a tin foil hat can actually help block some of the waves that mind-reading technology uses to read your thoughts. Of course, it’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a start.

Avoid Reading Books on Electronic Devices

Although there are many benefits to reading books on electronic devices, such as the ability to highlight, bookmarks and take notes, there are also some drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks is that your thoughts can be read by mind-reading technology. If you’re concerned about this, there are a few things you can do to prevent your thoughts from being read.

Keep Track of Where Mind Readers Are Being Tested

Mind reading technology is becoming more and more advanced, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your privacy. Here are a few tips for keeping track of where mind readers are being tested.

Protect yourself with a Faraday Cage

A Faraday Cage is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. This can be used to protect yourself from mind reading technology, as the cage will block the signals that are emitted from your brain. To create a Faraday Cage, you will need to use a material that is conductive, such as aluminum foil. Simply line the inside of a box with the foil, and make sure that there are no gaps in coverage. You can also use a mesh screen in place of the foil.

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The world has seen many advancements in technology over the past decade, with science and technology becoming ever more intertwined. However, if you’re worried about your thoughts being read by the government or other entities, you may be interested in a way to prevent your thoughts from being read by mind-reading technology. It’s not just that this type of technology exists—it’s that it’s only going to become more popular and more common as time goes on.


  1. I’m a victim of mind reading technology..someone hack into my brain and constant harassing me mentally ..when I have a vision it’s being alter into something else….I’m also hearing the voices as if someone is using a times I silence myself just to make and it’s constantly happening everyday and all day..I read about brain computer interface and came across this …so I need to know what to do to help me overcome or deal with this matter thanks

    • Me too they burnt off all my nerves down there now I have I can’t get up you know what, I’m suffering extreme insomnia because of it right now for the past week wont go away. It ruined me.

    • I am also in the same boat dealing with all sorts of electronic harassment. I am currently under RNM ( remote neural monitoring) which allows whoever is doing this to me the ability to do so many things to me, which no one believes the technology even exists or possible to do to someone. Anybody dealing with this type of situation has no where to turn, any law enforcement or doctors will tell you the technology doesn’t exist and what is happening to you is impossible, you will be diagnosed as schizophrenic or some kind of psychosis. I have been dealing with this for over 3years, i have learned a great deal but still havent figured out how to stop it. I pray for all of you if anyone wishes to talk please reply, stopping this is literally my main priority

      • Hey brother this is Paul grube. I have the same problem for ten years a man and his women done this to me. you are right you have knowing to help you. This man is some kind of law enforcement. You can’t keep anything from them, they can tell what you’re going to say before you say it. Someone is reading it from a computer because I hear him say what did he say because he is not looking at the scene. its real lonely and sad.

      • I’ve been going through the very same thing.. I’m going through this he’ll and its not getting any better for three years. It’s domestic terrorism at its best. Now there making it seem like there’s a number of cars following me wherever I go.. Suffocating.

      • i’m in exactly same situation nobody believes it exists except for those using it i’m going off grid no devices soon see if that puts a stop to it.

      • Hey guys. I have been going through it for 6 years now. The only thing that has helped me is Resperidone. Resperodone blocks the neuro receptors that whatever this device is they are using uses. I know it sucks to take meds but honestly it’s the only thing that gets me through the day. They have now started doing it to my son, he’s 35 and he is not handling it well at all. I am trying to get him to believe there’s not someone outside of his window yelling at him. It dies sound crazy no one still believes me, I actually was diagnosed with schizophrenia. What a joke. I am a straight A college student, 120 IQ and I know this is electronic harassment all the way. I believe it is homeland security as I was put on the terrorist watch list a few years ago. For what I have no idea, but they put me on it. Anybody else?

    • Me to I have been having the same problem i would think America ..The good old USA..Would stop it people freedom is being taken away…And it’s like nobody cares… Other countries are looking at this and saying you see America talks about freedom but that’s really only talk it’s not true. How deep can this go it’s a big problem and it seems like nobody cares.

    • You both most definitely have schizophrenia or at least are experiencing auditory hallucinations and extreme paranoid delusions. Please seek psychiatric help. Go to you GP doctor, talk to family or friends or just go to a psychologist would be the best option.

      • No people here in our city knows me because they can read my mind and thought, and i have a schizophrenia now because its critically affecting me. I know the difference of mind reading technology and schizophrenia, hallucinations, delusion ( strong belief). We have to listen to people struggle with this technology not saying to them that they only have mental health issues.

        • I completely agree. How can we voice what is happening to us when we are already a diagnosed schizophrenic. Nobody will believe me. I have 5th amendment rights!!! How can you make it stop when you know who it is too??

  2. Listen everyone. They want us to hurt ourselves. The one thing they are is liars. The only lie they can’t tell is about your thoughts. I myself have been going through it since 2014. And I am quite aware of who they are. Anthony Carlos Molden, and Dawn Silikens. And these 2 thought I was going to find a million dollars a piece for them 😱🤣. These people are a joke. I can write a book about this and it would be a comedy. Stop fearing these people. Stop giving them your power. And protect yourself. F*ck them

  3. The people doing this guys are sick and keep pushing people to carry out mass killings murders there own children etc. Sick fucks are top are employing idots like our attackers to cause havoc on the World sad as it is people make shit loads of money of people being put in mental hospitals.


  4. Guys tin foil hat don’t work,. Take my word for it. girl I was speaking with before rapped her hole body in foil were her attacks was that bard. She died from her attacks. Worst thing is the night before her death I had a cloned smell put in my head and you would tell it was somebody dead body I’ve never smelt anything so bard in life and smell didn’t come from my nose and I beelive it was the girls body that had decomposed. Sick it was the worst smell ever and then I found out Lisa was dead. Meaning my attackers was in contact with a woman killer and no matter who we report to they shut us down like there is bigger plan going on in the world. Some attackers have killed over 100 people mostly children and nobody blinks an 👁️👀.

    From Suicides and stabbings to drownings fires and hammer attacks and shootings are just a few these sickos control others to carry out. They also use the helium network to carry the frequencies used to attack you. For proof if you can find Targeted individuals Google maps Norway you know if it is right one as there loads of TI’s on it.

    I know it’s fact beelive me as my attackers who I’ve known for around 30 years used to be friends or at least I thought that. Best thing about them using the helium network is fact the attackers can be tracked right back to the front doors they live in. Check helium explorer live maps and targeted individuals Google Norway as I said and over lay both your see I’m right as they both match.

    Shocking guys what’s going on.

  5. I’m still here guys if you want to contact me or call me from facebook, I promise I’m real unlike other comments here…

    • Hi Matthew,
      I’ve been a victim of mind/brain control and tourched. This has been happening for 2 years now. Sofiticated software is being used to read/hear my thoughts. He has controlled my personality, bowel movements, tourched me in various all areas of my body. He told me he connected to my brain through the plate in my neck and titanium implants in my mouth. He has connected to the electrical software in my car using the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. He controls my sleep or lack of! He’s bloated my body 60 pounds. He’s able to hide emotions, taste, smell, hearing. Impair my vision. Put video scenes in my mind. Continues to buzz my head with different tones. He buzzes my head with silent tones and my dog will attack me or bite me, start barking. Silent tones to trigger anger in my child. I’m subdued in order to shut me down. He Creates dreams using the software. I’m helpless! I’ve left several tips for the fbi. It’s my brother in law. I have no resources to be freed from the hell I live in.

      • hello, I seem to experience a lot of the same things you do. My sisters dog hates my guts and i have never done anything to him. they also attack my family and make them unstable to the point of causing them to do things that get them in trouble. mine started overtly on august 5th 2021. I suspect they have been covertly targeting me for many years prior though. I believe it is the cia using neuroweapons. Ironically, my main handlers name is also apparently emily, though even they admit that that’s not her real name. I think it’s actually an ai, like a chatbot designed to take your fears and insecurities and use them against you. They hit me with this pseudo-religious scifi narrative for a long time. Once I wisened up and figured out that what they tried to get me to believe is literally impossible, they quit using the emily narrative as much. I recommend looking at Dr. James Giordano’s lectures on youtube and also check out robert duncan. One thing iv’e found that helps is listening to binaural beats or steady tones loudly with headphones. Not loud enough to damage your hearing though. I think it vibrates your brain well enough to help stop them from getting accurate readings.

  6. I’m have been with this same issue as well and it has ruined my life. I am afraid this will affect me for the rest of my life. I desperately need help and join support. I hope someone responds.

    • Try checking out Targeted Individuals United on youtube. The guy interviews TIs and lets them share their stories.

    • We need to create a Facebook group or a telegram group those who are victim Brian/mind reading technology AI. We need support from victim of AI Chat, so we can secure our personal life and family.

  7. Yup.. Been going through it too.. FBI won’t help lol state police won’t help despite the proof i have of my neighbors being involved they won’t take the evidence n the record what i do through brain scanning me n looking at what i do through my own eyes lol they sell this shit to ppl i guess n sell the experiences of terror they put ppl through.. They murder children.. They rape children.. Make ppl kill them selves and each other.. I have recorded my neighbors talking about exactly what im doing in my house as im doing it in detail n the ppl who scan me play my thoughts back to me through my tv… My fans… Even can speak through pop bottles when the air pressure is released by using ultrasonic translators. U can’t hear the ultra sounds but in a thicker atmosphere it lower the frequency to an audible level. So when u open a pop bottle or use a jet light or anything with pressure they can speak through it because it creates a medium between our atmosphere and a thicker atmosphere where ultrasound can be heard in that medium… And fans can be used as a shitty speak too i found out lol I figured this all out off the top of my head once i realized where the sound was coming from… They hate being recorded they hate when u figure out their tricks.. These ppl are only doing this because they’re sick fucks that should be hunted down like the animals they are.. Some are ppl u know some not… Some rich as fuck and also the government is involved it as well… They use these experiences and sell them to very rich ppl… For a very fucked up reason I won’t go into that u can look into it ur selves im sure you can find out what I’m talking about.. These ppl are using a type of torture invented by Nazi’s but with modern tech..the police the FBI and many many many ppl are involved in this.. Some don’t know the extent of what is happening and think they’re trying to help others others do it because they feel like they have to.. Others do it for their superficial power over others . Others so they can kill ppl… It goes on n on these ppl manipulate ppl by what ever they can use against you to turn ur friends on u n even family.. They isolate you for a reason… They want every single bit of negative emotion they can scan from you n they love it when they get ppl killed because that causes horror n missory with all those who cared for them n all of terror is what they want… These ppl aren’t ppl… They’re sub human.. They believe it’s morally ok to rape a child than it is to do a drug… One of the hacker/ scanners said he’s responsible for killing 27 ppl… N that FBI n cops let this shit happen… Huh funny how they’re so good at ruining the image of them selves through their corruption and the crimes they commit.. Ni wonder why ppl don’t trust cops anymore… They’re involved in this shit too lol

  8. Emf blocking materials fabrics. Copper I just read it helps bracelets. Water will work stack cases around your bed. Total recall wet towel.

    • They only thing i found that helps is listening to binaural beats or a steady tone loudly with headphones. not loud enough to damage your hearing though. I don’t think it matters too much what tones you use, so you might experiment a little to find out what works best. I think it works because the steady tones resonate in your head and vibrate your brain, making it difficult for them to pick up on your brain signals. try it and let me know what you think.

  9. I am also a victim of mind reading technology, since 3 years 2 months 15 days. We have make a groups of a minds reading technology(AI) victims so we can stop this nonsense.We have to teach them that machine or technology is made for human comfort not to interfere other life and the privacy life.we have send a massage’s to public this can also happen to them or a next victims.Before it happen too late,They can also lost their privacy Life, with a family privacy. Warning it could be you.

  10. This is amazing! I always like to hang solid brass objects on my backpack and on objects that I often use. I don’t really like the smell or the texture of solid brass objects, but I always have a different feeling of peace and quiet when I am around solid brass objects. Is this a strange coincidence? I don’t even know what I know:/

  11. My advice to you guys is, try not to tell anyone you care about. The people in your life won’t understand you, and talking about it will just do more damage. You can talk about it on places such as this, but the people closest to you will look at you like your nuts when you mention this. and the more to u talk about, the more you will push them aways. Just know you’re not alone.

  12. Hello, I am going through hell since 20 years. I was beautiful with a nice body and a great job. They destroyed me everything. I have no job anymore, my body is pumped up, they shoot me in my head every day. I have no hair since 8 years, my nice face is not my face anymore. My right eye is destroyed, it happened over night, and I will always have a blind spot in my sight. They started in Germany. It’s a German-Turk (Kurdish), who lives illegal in Germany and his Romanian prostitute Brigitte Stolz in Liederbach. It’s a whole gang of Romanian prostitutes and Kurdish monster. I have been through all of this: radical immense shooting in my whole body, I still have the scares on my skin of the laser shootings. Gang stalking, chasing me and my car, isolation without WiFi connection, no PC, no TV and the radio was damaged, coffee machines, washing machines, toaster and TV’s were damaged.
    They have stolen my car, manipulated it, and sent me the video of it to my phone but they deleted it immediately. My car rolled out on the highway because the gas pedal didn’t work, the car lost a lot of oil every day etc. They tried to ruin me financially and I lost a lot of money because of them. I lived in a bigger house and they controlled the whole house and the neighbours. They knew who is coming and going through the garage or door, they knew what the neighbours were doing in their apartments and what they talked about, that’s what I could hear through the wall. I know that they are very perverse and extremely paranoid. When I moved to Turkey 2 years ago they didn’t stop. It’s got worse and worse every day with the extreme shooting in my head and body. I noticed that also my friends and family members are manipulated in their thoughts, moods and brain and shooting in their head, knees, eyes and back. I know that these bloody stinking parasites are obsessed and possessed to control, manipulate and destroy our bodies and whole life. They are laughing when they hurt me and saw me crying because of the heavy pain and torture. I read a lot of cybercriminal mind control in the German pages. A lot of the victims said that these are mainly German-Turks (Kurdish) and always a man and a woman. It’s every where the same system. They are using drugs and alcohol and they are all maligne narcissists with paranoia, antisocial psychopaths and sadistic. Narcissists doing gaslighting also to your friends, family, neighbours, police, lawyers etc. They are highly criminals with severe pathological disorders. Since I know that narcissists are empty cells without empathy, a real life, childish and always want to have attention, I don’t listen anymore and live my life and do what I want to do. It’s important to be strong, they don’t like it, don’t think about them and change your thoughts and your plans a lot. I wish everybody the strength and try to enjoy your life and stay healthy.

  13. I’m going through the same thing. It’s ruining my life. I’m in the third year now and everything is going bad. I’m scared, confused, EXHAUSTED and alone. I try to tell loved ones and friends but no one believes this technology exists so they hear ‘voices in your head’ and assume previous drug use is cause. I tell no one now.

    What I know:
    NYC men’s shelter especially those who have medical and drug issues must know something because it gets worse near these places.
    I’ve seen people around and had one man calling my name after I ran and hid. I’m thinking they must be in vicinity.
    They’re not help as I’ve heard ‘Were here to help you’ and then in the same breath to ‘shut the f up’
    I’ve considered suicide….please if you can shed some light on what this is as time is important.


      • Wow!! For a long time I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because they thought I was crazy or on drugs .. I have met some people that have gone through it or have acquaintances that have gone through it . So I no I’m not alone , I totally believe it’s somewhat hoss Ed you explained it , I just don’t understand how they continue to torture people , I know I’m one of them … Sometimes I ask why me but it doesn’t matter and I may never find out.. I just live each day the best I can and hope that one day I can find out more and that one day it will stop!! They forget who is really in control ! Vengeance is mine I will repay !!

  14. They are also reading my mind, talking inside my head, and can put dreams in my head, control my body, make me see things etc. they have something inside of my brain. I used to teach science and can confirm this is happening to me and a lot of other people.

  15. Hi I have been going thru the same thing they say they see my memorys they are always talking to me about stuff only I could know an they pt these signals up my rectum an in my penis an stopped my ability to get it up an there is an audience that says they are gonna watch me die an I can’t turn to anyone because they say I would be looked at as being crazy how long has it been going on with you

  16. I contacted the law again and police officers came to my home along with rescue squad. I told them it was a physical problem. The problem was thus unknown man that has been in my ears, home., and reading my mind illegally has gotten worse in aggrevating, torching and malupating me everyday. He has taken over my home sometimes I cannot get rest and sleep. Whatever devices that he uses burns my entire body. He pierce my skin likes needles. He follows me everywhere that I go. He constantly reads my mind and knows what I am going to say before I speak outloud. One police officer wanted to go to the emergency room, and I told her I refuse to go. Because it was true a live human beingbman is in my ears all of the time and rapes me of my privacy in my home allday and allnight. Some people refuses to believe my truth. I am not schizophrenia or have a mental disorder impairments. This is the honest truth. He has taken over my private life and I have no peace of mind. One police read the comments thstbibsh I showed him about others who.lives has Bern affected on this website
    I hope and pray the day the law put thus individual in handcuffs and put him in an execution chair or lethal injection for doing such horrible things to my life.

  17. Mine was put in me by the green beret’s and my father and mother along with sister are allowed to control it. They are the most insane people I have ever met in my life. The things they do and say only a psychopath would do. For me it’s all about revenge for them and them wanting me to use drugs. I am so tired of this. The thing is it’s so everywhere now and they are working on laws for it it won’t be long that it’s well known what’s going on. It won’t be long before we will be able to press charges on those responsible and hold people accountable for the torture and rape of our minds. This has ruined my life. I have never in my life been incapable of moving forward or up or doing anything positive. I just want to die most days.

  18. My name is Wandalavern Mills, I have previously commented about this on the date of August 28, 2023. The unknown person has been into my home and ears for 2 years in this past March. It within great sadness to endure such agonizing of distress and pain. Because the unknown person is raping my privacy in my home and seeing my physical body nude. I have no privacy because he is under Electronic Satellite Surveillance and monitoring my life and in my ears. This person follows me everywhere that I go and rape other women privacy in retail dressing rooms and public restrooms in retail store. Also, this unknown person is in my church services when I attends and if I use the church restrooms he rapes other women privacy. This person uses devices to make my vagina burns and skin crawls. I am not a threat to society, society has been a threat to me. Meaning in essence if the Jurisdiction of The Laws doesn’t have the intelligence to research in how people can abuse victims of Electronic Satellite Surveillance. What does that indicates or says about the American citizen lives? When the laws are enforced to protect citizens from Electronic Satellite Surveillance Device. The first things comes to your doctor and the law enforcement that you are a person with schizophrenia or have a disorder mental impairment. When your medical records hasn’t indicated that you have a mental disorder impairment. When you are ignored and your life isn’t taken seriously among your doctor or law enforcement. When you have intelligence to drive to the doctor and not get lost. When you have the intelligence to walk in the doctor office and tell the truth what’s going on with you. But, doctor has no interest, but tell you it sounds like schizophrenia. How can schizophrenia follow me everywhere? How can schizophrenia rape me of my privacy in my home, not your home, but my private home. Not your ears, but my ears that this person has been into 2 years. What do you do? I said, hell’ no to that doctor. And I found a doctor that had bedside manners and a listening ears to hear my voice, and that allowed me to look in his eyes, and say I am telling you the truth. I had Abruptly Attack in my yard, my utilities were illegally turned off and the unknown person came into my private life, home and ears. Now, who has schizophrenia? Is it me, the victim of Satellite surveillance abuse or is the unknown person that enter into my home and ears has schizophrenia orva mental disorder impairment? Who the threat to society? I am not the threat to society. I am The victim that society has allowed and gave permissible permission for an unknown person to abuse me and among others . The laws are not protecting because they doesn’t care a damn. I wrote to The White House and was told that they would get back with me. So presumably, they have not reached back out to me. What does that says about the Security at The White House. They showed me that they doesn’t care about my damn’ humanspan life, so I don’t care about their damn lives at voting time. Show me no interest in my humanspan’ life. I don’t care if you live or die! What’s in’ essence does the United States Constitution of America clearly states, “Life Liberty and Peace of Happiness?” Where is my privacy, life, liberty and happiness stolen away from me by a rapist under Electronic Satellite Surveillance. Whomever or Whoever will get the death roll for doing this to me. Entering into my home without the consent or authorization or signed warrant from Courtship of The Law to watch me in my private home. I don’t care who it is, they are going to jail and I hope they rot in hell’


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